PVC Foil Wrap in Kenya

Decorative surfacing films designed for lamination to MDF that has been CNC machine routered and profiled using a thermoforming process.

The film can laminate a panel which has a 3D design on the face and at the same time laminate all 4 sides of the part, eliminating the need for edge banding.

Our Pressform 3D laminate MDF panels are manufacturing for the use of kitchen, vanity & wardrobe door frontals, wall panelling, internal doors and furniture components.

With their limitless possibilities they also offer innovative solutions for retail interiors, hospitality and office space.

The decorative films used in the production process have excellent mechanical resistance, light fastness, and stain resistance. The materials have outstanding dimensional stability and are resistant to temperatures commonly found in kitchen environments. The surface of the film is coated with a scratch-resistant lacquer that protects the material in use and helps withstand wear and tear.


  • stain resistance
  • resistant to temperatures commonly found in kitchen environments
  • limitless 3-dimensional surface patterns & colours
  • latest vacuum/membrane & thermoforming press technology
  • high precision CNC routing
  • high quality German films
  • superior bonding & surface quality


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