MDF Boards & MDF Backers in Kenya

Take the benefits of solid timber, combine them with the advantages of wood-based manufactured board and you get PG Bison's exceptional SupaWood®.

How it's made

SupaWood® is made using world-leading technology. Wood chips are ground into fibre and blended with resin, before being bonded together, through heat and pressure, into a premium quality panel product.

Using SupaWood®

SupaWood® is engineered to be dense, stiff and super flat. It offers excellent structural strength and superior screw-holding capability. And having no grain structure means great machinability in any direction. SupaWood® is ideal for creating almost any shape through moulding, routing, turning and edge profiling.

With its homogeneous construction, cutting and profiling will yield smooth edges, free from chips and voids. SupaWood® can be fabricated and installed using most joinery techniques, with standard, well-maintained, woodworking tools yielding excellent results.

SupaWood® has a smooth, fine surface ideal for spray paint and PVC wrap finishes. It can also be stained, varnished or finished with melamine-impregnated decor, high pressure laminates or veneer. SupaWood® is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. As great as SupaWood® is, it is still not recommended for exterior applications or areas with very high moisture content.

From contemporary offerings to period pieces, SupaWood® brings out the very best in all types of furniture.

MelaWood® is PG Bison's leading brand of decorative melamine faced board [MFB].

MelaWood® uses either BisonBord® or SupaWood® as a core, with melamine-impregnated, decor paper bonded to the board's surfaces under heat and pressure. This gives MelaWood® its durable, scratch and moisture resistant surface, making it the ideal choice for the applications listed.

MelaWood® is available in four surface finishes:

Peen - A textured, stipple

Ashwood - An embossed, woodgrain

Linear - A deep textured, straight wood grain

Natural Touch - A luxurious matt


  • Trend setting range
  • Durable finish
  • Easy to clean and food safe
  • Stain, scratch and moisture resistant


  • Kitchens
  • Built in Cupboards
  • Vanities
  • Office Furniture
  • Shop Fitings

Melamatched is our definitive range of thin MDF that's 100% matched to our range of colours to give your furniture that extra finish.


  • 100% colour match to our board range
  • Very good milling characteristics
  • Excellent bending resistance
  • Melamine finish for surface durability


  • Furniture back panels
  • Folding elements
  • Drawer bottoms
  • Door skins


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