Edge Banding & Cover Caps in Kenya

Edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as particle board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid [or more valuable] material.

  • Durable against all external damages and hits.
  • Aesthetically appealing with its perfect designs and impressive look.
  • Diversified with plenty of colors that perfectly match with our particleboards.
  • Customized; It is possible to choose from smooth, textured, high gloss and wood grain colors.
  • High bonding quality [back primer coating]
  • UV resistant [no colour fading]
  • Scratch resistant


0.4mm, 1.0mm

  • UV resistant [no colour fading]
  • Scratch resistant
  • Virgin material
  • Impact resistant
  • High bonding quality[back primer coating]
  • Correct thickness
  • 100% colour match to our boards

Application Guidelines


  • Hidden edges - 0.4mm edging
  • isible leading edges - 1.0mm edging

Doors or frontals:

  • Wardrobes & kitchens - 1.0mm edging
  • Office furniture - 2.0mm edging

Why Use Edging?

  • Protects the board
  • Stops moisture ingression
  • Looks amazing
  • Reduces board chipping


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