Particleboard & OSB in Kenya

MelaWood® is PG Bison's leading brand of melamine faced board. Our range of trend setting designs and finishes are globally inspired and carefully selected to meet your needs, right here at home.

A special anti-bacterial additive is blended into our locally manufactured melamine resin, destroying bacteria, that may come to rest on the surface of the MelaWood®, within hours. This additional built-in protective layer makes MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive, high-traffic areas where cleanliness alone is insufficient, such as healthcare facilities, office spaces, schools, restaurants, retail and even at home.

How it's made

MelaWood® is made by bonding melamine-impregnated decor paper to both surfaces of our top-quality board using heat and pressure. This one-shot process creates a closed, durable, scratch and moisture resistant surface that is easy to clean.

MelaWood®'s exposed edges must be properly edged using a suitable glue and edging material to give the board the best possible protection in areas where there is a chance of it being exposed to moisture.

MelaWood® is manufactured by PG Bison, so you can work in confidence knowing product is readily available and technical back-up is just a call away.

Using MelaWood®

Ideal for medium duty vertical and light horizontal applications, such as freestanding and built-in cupboards, door and drawer frontals, carcasses and shelving, wall cladding and interior building elements, MelaWood® is perfect for kitchens, offices, and shops.

We offer MelaWood® in a wide range of designs in combination with our various finishes to suit every application and design.

MelaWood® is available in four fashionable surface finishes:

  • Fusion - a natural, veneer look
  • Linear - a strong textured, straight wood grain
  • Natural Touch - a velvety matt
  • Peen - a textured, stipple effect

PG Bison's premium quality, interior grade BisonBord® serves a wide variety of purposes across homes, offices, and retail spaces. BisonBord is available as E1 (Class 1) or E2 (Class 2)*.

Particleboard (also known as chipboard) manufacturing was once a simple way of utilising wood waste, but now it's a highly sophisticated technology, with careful selection of raw materials, detailed wood particle preparation and a scientific application of additives and binders. The results are a uniform, high-quality board that is extremely versatile and affordable.

How it's made

To make BisonBord®, wood chips are refined, dried and classified by size into coarse and fine wood particles. These are then lightly coated with a precise amount of resin and formed in a three-layer mat, before being pressed together into panels of specific thickness and density, using heat and pressure.

Using BisonBord®

BisonBord® can be used in its raw state, but is mostly used as a substrate for decorative products. Its smooth surface is ideal for upgrading with melamine-impregnated decor or high-pressure laminates, and is used extensively in kitchens, built-in cupboards, domestic and office furniture and shopfitting.

Affordability paired with suitability makes BisonBord® the go-to product for a whole host of projects.

OSB Superfinish is the most progressive OSB type that is currently available.

Flexible yet strong

Strong, stable and more sustainable, oriented strand board (OSB) is replacing plywood - especially for timber framed houses and in the packaging industry. OSB is used instead of standard silica or plaster-based construction materials.

To produce oriented strand board, timber is sliced into long chips called strands. These are laid in three or four perpendicular layers and bonded using ECO resin. The result is a strong board that resists moisture, giving it a high load capacity.

Flexible yet strong, OSB board is used for many applications.


  • Excellent processing capabilities
  • High durability and resistance
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • High performance material
  • High stability


  • Interior design
  • Billboard production
  • Exhibitions (displays, stands, kiosks)
  • Flooring base
  • Framework for upholstered furniture
  • Internal load-bearing cladding of walls and ceilings, partitions
  • Load-bearing wall sheathing
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse management (racks, fences, etc.)


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