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  • Gola profile handles are special types of profiles that are attached to
  • the carcass cabinets instead of doors.
  • There is a gap on the side of the door that allows the user to pull the
  • door open with their fingers easily.
  • Basically, the kitchen cabinets have handles.
  • However, the handles remain concealed within the cabinets instead of
  • sticking out.
  • The new fixing system for vertical GOLA profiles allows them to be fixed to
  • the front of the unit with brackets, thus avoiding the use of visible screws inside the unit.
  • Profiles snap onto the brackets by means of a pronged system.
  • The strengths of this new patented GOLA profile system include easy cleaning
  • inside the unit, fast and simple assembly and the option of quickly replacing any damaged profiles.


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